A Little Budgeting Inspiration

One of my goals this year is to save ridiculous amounts of money. No really, I mean it. As an all or nothing person, the bigger the goal, (as long as it’s truly achievable!) the more it motivates me.

Having recently moved from California to Washington, our plan is to buy a cheap house and pay it off this decade. And one thing I do know is that to save money, I have to stay OUT of stores.

While I’m pretty good at staying out of department stores, the grocery store has been the undoing of my monthly budget on more than one occasion.

Enter Master Chef.

Okay, hear me out. We have been watching reruns of Master Chef and if you have seen it, you know they have something called “The Mystery Box Challenge.” Basically, it’s a bunch of random ingredients with which the contestants have to create a meal. Not all the ingredients have to be used.

Huh. Guess it sounds like…

(insert drum roll)

…my fridge on any random day an hour away from dinner time! Ta-da!

So from here on forward, instead of planning meals, weekly grocery shopping and then running to the store because I’m out of this one ingredient or that one, I plan on scouring the fridge, the kitchen, the pantry and perhaps most importantly, the internet, to put together something we can eat.

I’m going to look at it as my personal Mystery Box Challenge.

And hopefully by the end of this year, it will keep me out of the store and inside a house that is on its way to being paid off.

Here’s to new beginnings!


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